Office Pot plant stand 

The next decade is going to be an era of machine learning which will be changing our relationship with products we will be having, there will be a vast investment in artificial intelligence and human health.

Leap is a Neural wristwatch that allows you to experience yourself apart from your physical form, It learns from you, replicates your thinking perspective, and starts assisting you with things in an order which you always wanted to do. The neural network allows Leap to personalize itself with a particular person, as it empathizes and creates an emotional connection with the user. 

Urban life is fast, rapid, and rash where nothing stops for a second, Leap can be your supervisor who can guide you to find your pace in this fast lane.

Leap has a built-in RFID reader and tag, which allows you to manage your personal belongings and their movement and since the Neural network is saving all your passwords and information, no one else can intrude.