Red wine packaging and branding

A Red Wine brand which produces red wine in urban Indian cities and has women as their end consumer, Its philosophy is based on sharing and promoting women participation for a better future of the society.

Client Profile

Working women in urban cities of India

25-35 years old

Income- 40k to 90k per month


"Meaningful life"

"Smart choices"

"preservative Vision"

"extensive interaction"

Case Study

Gender Equality

All individuals should have equal opportunities. But there are huge challenges to achieving equality. Society’s expectations for girls and women can limit their opportunities across social, economic and political life. Across the globe, women and girls still have lower status.



Market Research

Consumer Mindset

After reading online articles, news, comparing the products and watching people for hours in supermarkets and wine shops. I found out the reasons for people buying it

Market Analysis

I sat on my computer, gathered data and papers from websites like Statista, Smithers and articles of JBC international. I found out

"Health matters"

Urbanization and overpopulation lead chaos so users are getting interested in individual well-being, and leading to healthier lifestyles.


disposable income of Indians, increasing exposure to western culture, Growth in foreign tourists, increasing women consumption.


Wine is highly taxed in India, making it a premium product, also prohibited in some religions but the new generation has a different mindset.


The market has seen high growth in the past five years and is predicted to grow further. Red wine covers 50% of wine sales in India.



Brand Name






Made from two words of Sanskrit which adds flavour to any visual or musical form of work, it carry an emotion with Indian aesthetics 



Final form selection for logo, it has mango motif along with a form of wine glass which represents the content inside. A refined form of the logo shows the perfect and craftsmanship of the winery.

According to Indian Colour Psychology

Red symbolizes purity, fertility, and prosperity. Yellow defines richness and sanctity. Black shows sophistication and power. Green depicts a new beginning and happiness.

Wrapper and tag.jpg

Primary wrapper for a bottle which has brand typography printed on it 

A takeaway bag with brand logo on it.

Wine box has a Qr code which explains about the product price and contents.


A complete product item includes a box, wine bottle and a takeaway bag

paper-film hybrid label


A promotional Video

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