An Indian wine company which produces premium red wine in Urban Indian cities. Its philosophy is based on sharing success stories, motivating and telling women's value and Identity. Brand is dedicated to women and its aim is to reinforcement of support, care and empathetic pampering.

Brand also vows for indigenous identity which can connect it with its soil and essence. 

  • Growing Urbanization in emerging markets like India, Consumers are taking a greater interest in their own health matters, leading to healthier lifestyles.

  • The 21st Century consumer is less brand loyal. This is simulating an interest in customized or versioned packaging and packaging solutions that can create an impact with them.

Market analysis

  • Indian Wine market has seen high growth in recent years, observed growth with a CAGR of around 25%

  • market share of red wine segment is currently more than 50%.

  • The major reasons for growth are the rising disposable income of Indian consumers, changing demography structure, increasing exposure to western culture, Growth in the foreign tourists, increasing women consumption.

  • Drinking Red wine in a moderate quantity is said to help people live longer, provides protection against certain cancers, improves mental health, and heart health as per some studies. 

  • Wines in India are promoted as a health beneficial drink by many of the doctors.

Red Wine 


Develop a premium brand and design packaging of Red wine for urban Indian market, targeting women from age group of 25-35 years old


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Rasa + Rati 




A Sanskrit word which adds flavour to any visual or musical form of work, It carries emotion and experience

In Indian aesthetics, Rasa means juice, essence or taste.

A Sanskrit word which means love and attachment, also used in Indian Natya shastra when a dancer expresses the emotion of love


A brand name which describes its origin when pronounced.



Indian mango motif-originated in India and its used to give an aesthetical pleasure to viewer. It also has a strong attachments with woman in India.

Wine glass-

it provides a form, which tells about product.

Final form selection for logo, it has mango motif along with the form of human hand gesture and consists a form of wine glass which represents the content inside. It has morphological form which looks like it is crafted properly and due to which looks royal.


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